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Carlow building earmarked for direct provision is ‘fake news’ according to a local Councillor

Will Paton says there is no basis to the claims

A Carlow Councillor has described as ‘extremely mischevious’ a rumour that a building in the town has been earmarked for direct provision.

It’s been claimed online that the old Blue Sisters building on Dublin St will house asylum seekers from next year.

However Councillor Will Paton says the claim has no basis in fact whatsoever.

He told KCLR Live today “I have gone to the bother of checking this with Carlow county council and the senior management at the council know nothing about it. To me, it’s complete and utter, what we call, fake news”

Meanwhile in a statement to KCLR the Department of Justice and Equality confirmed there is a nationwide search for accommodation for people seeking protection in this State.

But it says it cannot confirm any specific locations or premises.