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Carlow Councillor Calls for Council to Resume Responsibility for Waste Collection

“Carlow County Council should resume responsibility for waste collection in the county” – that’s the call from People Before Profit councillor, Adrienne Wallace.

She says private collectors charge far too much and the local authority could also do more to promote recycling.

Councillor Wallace says that even reducing the number of these collection trucks would have environmental benefits noting “Just for example in my estate in Carlow I have three different lorries come in to take out the bins that people are leaving out, it produces a huge amount of carbon footprint, you could get one truck in to do that so what we want to do is get the council to take control of that again it means we can have fair prices because whether you’re a prince or pauper you’re paying these charges; we want to make sure it’s fair prices that people can pay it and that it’s better for the environment” .