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Carlow councillor Michael Doran warns that parts of the riverbank are in serious danger of falling into the Barrow

Meanwhile, works to repair potholes along the stretch at St Mullins got underway this week

Parts of a local riverbank are in serious danger of falling into river.

So one Carlow councillor told the monthly meeting of the local authority.

Michael Doran was responding to news from the County Manager that Waterways Ireland had been in touch detailing a five-year maintenance programme as well as a ten year investment strategy and a tourism masterplan for the Barrow.

Cllr Doran says it’s hugely important that such a plan’s in place, for a number of reasons, telling KCLR News “To make the river a more accessible place I think is very important but also to safeguard the structure of the Barrow track into the future I think it’s vital that work is started as quickly as possible because without serious, I suppose, infrastructural upgrading there are parts of the Barrow track that are in danger of collapse”.

Added to this work began this week to repair the surface in the stretch at St Mullins as Cllr Michael Doran outlines; “This came up quite a lot at our municipal district meeting recently regarding the state of the surface of the track down in the St Mullins area and the manager informed us that the work was starting to repair those potholes and get the surface into some sort of useable shape again”.