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Carlow Councillor says late opening hours of take-aways causing anti-social behaviour on streets

A call’s been made for Carlow County Council to check the bye-laws with regards to the opening hours of take-aways.

Arthur McDonald raised the issue at a recent meeting of the local authority after noticing an increase in numbers on the streets in the early hours of the morning queueing to get food.

He believes the extra people loitering has led to a rise in anti-social behaviour.

He’s been summing up his plea for KCLR News:

“I was asking that the council would check the times on the planning and the by-laws. It was actually in Carlow – I won’t mention the name of the take-away – but after the nightclubs close there seems to be a huge crowd lining up on the streets to get food and it’s causing problems.

“There’s been numerous rows and fights on the streets and I witnessed one myself on a Saturday night. That’s why I raised the issue.”