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Carlow Councillors call for ‘safe access zones’ at all healthcare facilities

Carlow County Council is calling on Health Minister Simon Harris to introduce “safe access zones” around ALL healthcare facilities.

A heated discussion took place when Adrienne Wallace’s motion on protests outside clinics that provide termination services came before the monthly meeting of Carlow County Council yesterday.

Fine Gael’s Cllr Michael Doran said the motion, in the form it was proposed, was a “dangerous one” as it singled out anti-abortion protests. He suggested an amendment but later withdrew his own suggestion.

His party colleague Brian O’Donoghue proposed they changed the motion to a more general one calling on the Health Minister Simon Harris to introduce safe access zones around all healthcare facilities.

Adrienne Wallace rejected her motion was dangerous stating it was “ridiculous” to say that and hypocritical on Fine Gael’s part considering their own’s health minister’s position.

A vote was taken on the amended motion and it passed.