Carlow GP expects mask-wearing will continue for many even if rules are eased

NPHET will consider making mask-wearing optional when it meets later

NPHET will consider making the wearing of masks in shops, schools and on public transport optional when it meets later.

Last night the Taoiseach indicated at a parliamentary party meeting the current rules could be eased.

Legislation around the mandatory use of masks in certain settings expires at the end of this month.

However it seems there’s mixed feelings among health professionals locally about mask wearing potentially coming to an end.

Local GP Paula Greally told KCLR she’s not ready to see them go just yet:

“Wearing of masks, and other people wearing masks- it does show a certain amount of respect for each other. You know, I’m trying to protect you, you’re trying to protect me”

And Dr Greally says she expects many people will continue to wear them even if it’s no longer mandatory:

“A lot of people do see the benefit of them and do feel somewhat protected and feel they’re protecting others by wearing them as well”