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Carlow Kilkenny Gardai remind locals of the consequences of carrying knives or blades in a public place

It follows the arrest of a man on Tuesday in Kilkenny who was carrying a samurai sword

A man arrested in Kilkenny for carrying a samurai sword is facing a hefty fine and possible time in jail.

The 21 year old man was searched after being seen acting suspiciously at Newpark Fen at about 5pm on Tuesday.

He’s been charged with possession of an offensive weapon, and will appear in the District Court.

Sergeant Peter Mc Connon says this is a serious crime:

“It’s a crime to have an offensive weapon, knife or a blade in a public place without any good cause or reason, it carries a penalty of up to €1000 fine or 12 months imprisonment or both the fine and imprisonment”.

He said “People need to be very mindful that they should not have offensive weapons, blades or weapons of any sort in public places without just cause or reason”.

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