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Carlow leading the charge when it comes to helping people power up electric vehicles

It's the first local authority to move on such a venture

Carlow is “leading the charge” so to speak when it comes to helping locals power up their electric cars.

10 charging points were launched in Carlow Town, Bagenalstown, Borris and Tullow last week in a novel initiative which saw them replace old Eir payphone kiosks.

Director of Services with the County Council Padraig O’Gorman says they are delighted to be the first local authority to move on such an initiative, telling KCLR News; “We all want to see the benefits of electric vehicles but the convenience part of it has to be there, people have to be able to have easy access and quick charge, when required and obviously longterm will be home charging and to be able to charge our car overnight at your residence but when you’re about in town, need a top-up or en route to a destination it’s important that there is adequate EV charging points in the public domain”.

The move has been broadly welcomed at the council’s monthly meeting this week though elected members were keen to know when they might follow at other locations.

Mr O’Gorman says though it’s not as simple as that; “It’s not cheap infrastructure, obviously the machines themselves cost money and they have to be connected to the ESB power source and this location has to be suitable so we’re very happy as part of this joint venture whereby we’re licensing the operator to install and to use them and obviously from Eir’s point of view they’re looking at the substitution of the replacement of the existing public ones we have “.