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Carlow Mayor calls on road users to light up

Fergal Browne will raise the issue at today's Joint Policing Committee meeting

Those taking to the roads to run, walk or cycle need to make themselves more visible.

That’s the call of Carlow’s Mayor who will raise the issue at today’s Joint Policing Committee.

Mayor Fergal Browne told KCLR News this morning “I’m going to bring up the issue about the need for pedestrians and runners to be lit up properly, especially during the winter months of November, December and January, it’s amazing the difference a high vis jacket makes or even a light built into your hat as are currently available, people may think they’re lit up but they’re not and when drivers are contending with low winter sun and lights in the street it can be very confusing”.

He adds “We’ve all have a few close shaves with people who haven’t been lit up properly so I’m going to ask the police what powers they actually have currently either to give a verbal warning to pedestrians or possibly to fine them if they are not adequately lit up, I think we all have to be responsible when using the roads whether we’re walking or cycling and absolutely people are making a huge effort lately and it’s great to see it but we do need to make people fully aware that they should have proper clothing on them that they can be seen at all times”.