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Carlow taggers go on Treasure hunt for bonus points!

Stephen Byrne in actual flight!
Stephen Byrne in actual flight!

The tag moves to Friday night for just two nights of the Summer and this was one of them. The reason being is our annual tag treasure hunt through the town after tag tonight ending in a party organised this year by Scraggs bat on Tullow street.


First of all we had to get the tag out-of-the-way. Unfortunately tonight the tag started with a bang and not in a good way. The Buckley Clarke Firties had taken to the field against the KCLR Fluffy Radios. Two rival teams that have always enjoyed playing each other with a result that usually favoured the Flirties. The game was barely 2 minutes into action and Flirties Captain Adrien Bolger was making a break for the Fluffies line when he went over on his shoulder and immediately knew that it wasn’t good. Adrien had broken his collar-bone. Adrien is not only a great asset as captain to the Flirties but also a great asset to our tag tournament. He plays with great determination, commitment and fairness and his lack of presence for the rest of the Summer will be sadly evident.


For week 3 of the tournament proper we had teams not only chasing bonus points for hunting treasure but also teams chasing important wins.


In division 1 Brian Anderson and the Nexus all blacks were not going to take last weeks loss sitting down and came out fighting against the Red Mills Threadmills. Red mills struggled to score and the 4 points against the superior 16 that the All Blacks supplied was never enough to threaten a win.

The Fleetwood Macs led by Dave Munnelly took on the Courthouse cruisers. In a post match interview Dave thought the score differential was 6 or 7 points at full time when reality was a deafening 23-6 loss. The problem it seems for the Fleetwoods is reality . Brian Gaskin reckoned the team had a chance to win the Treasure hunt too. With a time of 2hrs and 20 minutes on the clock as opposed to the winning teams 19 mins you can see were the gap lies. The Fleetwoods managed to hand in their time sheet for the hunt when the prizes had already made their way to the winners and the barman was calling last orders. Its back to a different drawing board for Dave and the Macs.


In division 2 Buns of Stihl had a confident win over Eddies Rockets. The Rockets have great looking jerseys but as Edith Head once said “My motto is that the audience should notice the actors, not the clothes”.

Toby Couchman’s Buns of Stihl had scores from Aoife Bolton and others to keep the Rockets at bay and finished with a 20-3 victory.

The O Flaherty Brown legal Eagles had a tough game against Tully’s Tubbies. They were being beaten by 3 points at half time and even slipped further down to a 7 point gap between them and the Tubbies. But it was some remarkable play from Rose Byrne and Keith Pollard that lifted the Legal Eagles game and was finished off with tries from Shannon Brown that provided a close 13-11 victory.


In division 3 it Was more like a game of cricket as the Castlegarden Cobras event down 23-8 to Gordon Rowes Honda way to 50’s. Niall O Malley scored numerous tries for the Cobras but like the Dutch boy holding back the water with his finger in the dam a flood is inevitable.

JF Sports Tequila Slammers almost looked like they were taking their name literally and The Dolmen Divas took advantage of this with Eamonn Geoghan scoring two tries for the Divas but once gain it was Shelley Brennan on the wing that caused havoc with three tries in total.


The treasure hunt saw Barry Murphys Amazeballs Avenue winning once again. The have a formula down to a tee but the Committee have worked out the formula and are looking at tweeking the difficulty levels next year. We had to give last prize to Patrick and Louise Conville from Gillespies Supervalu Globetrotters on getting a little confused on one of the questions and drinking long Island ice teas instead of tame pints of beer and losing all co-ordination for the remainder of the treasure hunt.


Tag Rugby Results
Friday 20th June
Division 1
Scragg’s Sharks 10v 6 Amazeballs Avenue
Gillespies Supervalu Globetrotters 8 v 15 Blakes Bombshells
Nexus All Blacks 16 v 4 Re Mills Threadmills
Courthouse Cruisers 23v 6 The Fleetwood Macs
Division 2
Foley’s Fit Fillies 18 v 9 Luscious Lennons
The Buckley Clarke Flirties 12 v 5 KCLR Fluffy Radio’s
O Flaherty Brown Legal Eagles 13v 11 Tully’s Tubbies
Eddies Rockets 20 v 13 Buns of Stihl
Division 3
Dolmen Divas 19v 5 JF Sports Tequila Slammers
Mc Foods Inbetweeners 9 v 6 Netwatch team fearless
MSD Vikings Walk over Reas of sunshine
Castlegarden Cobras 8 v 23 Honda way to 50’s




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