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Carlow woman calls current parole system an insult

It's as those serving time have a chance at another life when granted parole

A Carlow woman, whose husband was found guilty of murdering their two sons, has called the current parole system an insult.

362 people in Ireland are serving life sentences in prison and, according to freedom of information figures, 11 of them have been in jail for more than 35 years.

14 serving life sentences were released last year and their average time in custody was just over 21 years.

Kathleen Chada’s husband Sanjeev is in jail for the 2013 murders of their sons Eoghan and Ruairí.

She says the average time spent in custody for a life sentence is still too short; “In the next ten years my ex-husband who murdered our two children will potentially be granted parole based on the current average number of years that a prisoner serves and you know he’ll still only be in his early to mid-sixties at that point so he has a life ahead of him and I suppose to me that’s an insult, it’s an insult to my sons”.