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Carlow woman Kathleen Chada calls again for minimum sentencing for serious crimes

Sanjeev could be released from jail in three years time

A Carlow mother’s reiterating her appeal for minimum sentencing for serious crimes. 

It’s nine years today since Kathleen Chada’s two sons, five-year-old Ruairi and 10-year-old Eoghan, were murdered by their father Sanjeev in Co Mayo (29th July, 2013).

He could be released from jail in three years’ time but Kathleen who campaigns with other local families with SAVE says that would be far too soon.

She says “The justice system in this country is stacked in favour of the perpetrator, this system needs a complete overhaul if you put the victim and the families of victims at the centre then you create a fairer system whereas at the moment I believe that it’s actually the perpetrator that’s at the centre of the system”.

Kathleen joined our Eimear Ní Bhraonáin to further discuss this issue on KCLR Live today – hear that here: