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Carlow woman named Practice Nurse of the Year at Irish Healthcare Awards

Theresa Lowry-Lehnen works at IT Carlow

A local nurse has been named as the top practice nurse in the country.

Theresa Lowry-Lehnen is originally from Carlow but lives in Castlewarren in Kilkenny now.

She’s won ‘Practice Nurse of the Year 2020’ at the Irish Healthcare Awards for her work at IT Carlow.

Theresa says her day job keeps her busy telling KCLR “You’re very much on your own for many hours during the day and you’re seeing the same type of patients as you would be seeing in general practice so it’s all minor illness, minor injuries, chronic disease management, vaccinations, sexual health, mental health and the list goes on so you could be taking bloods one minute and you could be out on a football pitch the next”.

She adds “It was a great honour to win the practice nurse of the year award and my work at IT Carlow well basically I run a nurse-led student health centre at IT Carlow so I work for Dr Conway and Dr Jacob who are the doctors who have the tender here at the college but I would be here 40 hours of the week so I would look after all of the students’ health needs”.