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Carlow’s community garden’s official opening takes place today

It got off the ground two years ago but Carlow’s community garden is having an official opening ceremony later.

An Gairdín Beo was developed on what was a disused part of the school grounds at St Leo’s on the old Dublin Road.

It’s to be formally launched by environmentalist Éanna Ní Lamhna at 3 o’clock.

But Chairman John McHugh says it was important to keep developing the amenity up to this point noting “People will be surprised we’re only opening now because we’ve been opening for the last two & a half years really and that’s the nature of the project, we decided it wasn’t like super garden or something that was going to have a ribbon cut on it.”

He says “The actual development and ongoing work in the garden is something we wanted the whole community to be involved in from the very start and to have it evolving in a way that would be responsive to the community groups & the wider Carlow community.”

He added that they’re now at a stage worth celebrating explaining “The reason why we’re having an official opening now is that I suppose over the last year we have put a lot of work into a building in the middle of the garden & into a whole development of the outside part as well so we reached a point whereby it’s work marking so we wanted to have a kind of recognition and ‘thank-you’ day to everybody who’s been involved up to now”.