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Carlow’s Kathleen Chada says ex-husband’s application for parole “is an insult”

It's been seven years since her sons Eoghan & Ruairi were murdered by their father

A Carlow woman who’s ex-husband murdered their two sons says his application for parole is an insult.

Kathleen Chada’s two sons, Eoghan and Ruairi were murdered by their father, Sanjeev in 2013.

Just seven years later, the convicted murderer is appealing his double life sentence to the parole board and is making his first bid for freedom.

Kathleen Chada says he shouldn’t have been able to apply in the first place noting “The seven years is, it’s is an insult really and it’s also farcical because he won’t get parole, you know, I do know that the average life sentence here in Ireland at the moment is 19 years and given the nature of what he did I am confident he won’t actually be out but it’s the fact that he can apply”.