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Ceol Anocht: Interview – Carole Nelson (16/2/2020)

Carole chats with host Martin Bridgeman about her new album "Arboreal"

Before all things went askew, Carole Nelson joined me in Studio 2 on a sunny afternoon to chat with me about her new album.

Having thoroughly enjoyed her previous album I was delighted to hear about the new release and, as expected, it is a rather beautiful recording, called “Arboreal”

I managed to sit down during that week and let the album play out without distraction. It was worth it.

The trio playing is seamless, almost one. The grooves are seductive, the notes hang over like leaves on a tree. Perhaps I’m over egging a bit..but Carole has stated the role of ecology and eco-philosophy in the composition of the new album so maybe I was subtly moved to arboreal images! From start to finish it’s a warm and engaging listen, each melody overlapping to produce the most gorgeous feeling in this listener. It will be a regular part of the playlists from now on!

It’s always been a fascination to hear about the preparation and production of music and so it was a real pleasure to chat with Carole about the inspirations and the drive to make this collection of music. The time passed all too quickly but very pleasantly.

Needless to say, the plans discussed are gone to one side but if you want further information and (more importantly) want to purchase this gorgeous album you can get all the details from Carole’s website