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Ceol Anocht: Interview : Electric Mayhem (Leo Pearson / Mark Graham) : 15/2/2021

Comhrá Covid

Mark Graham, musician with King Kong Company and podcaster, along with Leo Pearson, record producer and member of Solkatt have joined forces to launch a new record label, Electric Mayhem Records  (EMR). 

Their first release, is “WORK”, a Gay-Irish-Electro-Funk track by Galwegian artist  Steven Sharpe. This double A-side single – available digitally and on 12” vinyl – is the debut release from EMR and showcases the outrageously talented Steven Sharpe, who really puts the ‘out’ in outrageous”.

Leo and Mark are at pains to point out that it’s important that the tunes on the EMR label are irreverent and fun, with a serious emphasis on thump and danceability. They say that the term ‘banger’ has been overused and abused in recent times – Electric Mayhem Records are here to reclaim it.

“I first saw Steven perform this song at Galway Arts Festival with his band,”   says EMR co-founder Mark Graham.  “I was just knocking around town, taking in a few gigs. Next thing this svelte ginger bearded young fella in a sequined cocktail dress saunters onto the stage in The Roisín, and proceeds to tear the place apart. I immediately had three questions: ‘Who is this fella?’, ‘Why have I never heard of him before?’ and ‘will he let me remix that track?’.”

And so it began.

We chat about the ideas behind the launch of the label and more besides!