Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Interview – Myles O’Reilly – 8/6/2022

I’ve been a fan of Myles O’Reilly’s work as a film maker but often wondered if he’d revisit his musical gifts, as he had as Juno Falls. I often felt that his musician’s heart and mind lent an extra layer of wonder to his many videos and it was a real delight to hear he had indeed gone back to music.

His album “Cocconing Heart” is an intimate experience and shows his influences lightly. His singing voice is at once familiar and surprising, not unlike hearing a silent movie actor speaking. It makes you take time, to listen to the songs and to let it weave it’s magic.

We spoke shortly before the album came out and he indulged my asking about how it came to be. We chatted easily and freely so it’s more conversation than interview, and Myles was a welcome guest.

At the time, his Kilkenny Arts Festival appearance was not official, so I’ve in the ‘reversal’ and our becoming coy about specifics. Since then, many people have enjoyed the album and many fine reviews have – rightly –  praised what is a truly beautiful album.

I urge you to go to the concert and make it your business to buy the album!