Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Interview – Niamh Regan – 2/4/2022

Niamh Regan produced a fine album “Hemet”, which went on to garner some extremely positive comment. Richly deserved, it weasand is a very beautifully crafted album. Making the best of things in lockdown, she took time out and got back in to the swing, which culminated in further work which has just been released. The EP “In The Meantime” was released recently and includes a co-write with another Ceol Anocht favourite, Ciarán Lavery. It’s another fine collection os goes from a songwriter who takes her time in the crafting, but lets the art arrives in its own time.

I caught with Niamh as she prepared to come to Kilkenny for April Sounds.

(As always, we were at the mercy of internet quality som there are some edits needed to combat an occasional talker…and also features an occasional interruption from my executive producer, AKA Bruce, the terrier!)