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Ceol Anocht : Interview : Polly Barrett : 6/10/2023

I remember Polly Barrett’s albums from  few years back, 2011’s “Mr. Bookshop” and “Probably Me” in 2014. I played them a lot on the Folk/Roots show. These were albums of folk but with many twists. I always got the sense of a restless creative spirit, not wanting to stay in any one musical place, which made for intriguing collections of music.

Fast forward to the summer of 2023 when I heard that Polly was back with another album, the rather beautiful “Sapling B”. Needless to say when I realised the passing of that much time, I had to get in contact to catch up.

Here’s how we got on, and I hope you’ll enjoy our chat.

Polly will be appearing at The Hole In The Wall on Saturday night, October 14th, 2023.

You can get all information from Polly’s website