Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Interview : Seamus Fogarty (10/11/2020)







It’s been a joy of increasing proportions to see Séamus Fogarty’s progress from his first album to this, his latest. He always delivers and anyone who has witnessed Séamus and his band in full flow will tell you that he not delivers but does so in spades.

This latest collection “A Bag Of Eyes” is the perfect antidote to the current situation. Beautiful, heartfelt lyrics, intriguing musicality and a subtly new sound makes this a contender for Album Of The Year among the Rollercoaster Records faithful and indeed many other lists.

I caught up with Séamus earlier in the week and we discussed the making of the album, some of the considerations, influences and experiences that have made their way on to to the final record.

(As it’s a Zoom call there are some ‘atmospherics’ here and there (as Séamus was outside when we spoke)  but hopefully it doesn’t affect things too much).