Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Interview : The Backline: 13/3/2021

The Backline is a Carlow based collective which has provided proof that when creative people collaborate anything is possible. It has produced a collection of songs featuring talent of all ages, styles and experience, produced by local musicians, recorded, mixed and mastered by locally based professionals and forms a part of an ongoing project that will see the project across various media.

Justin Kelly will be the first to say that this is a collaborative approach but he has been my point of contact and he arranged for me to speak to a number of the people involved. I caught up with Justin, Dave Ayers, Áine Parkes, Sam Weaver, and Tomás Jackman who gave a sense of how their parts fit together to produce this album.

We could have talked for hours; their affection was immediately apparent and even though they had never met in person, you get a sense of how this project came to be.

The full playlist is below:

Stone in Your Shoe Paul McManus
You’ll Never Wander More Carmel Day
Tourist Town David O’Reilly
The Letter Shane Sullivan
Lost at Sea Aine Parkes
Celtic Blood Aaron Smith
Song of the Curlew Nuala Kelly
The Ballad of Dan Quigley Tomás Jackman
Emerald Veronica Vincenzi
Demons Aglow Justin & Cian Kelly
An Irish Girl/Long John’s Reel Ray Weaver
The Call of Ireland Woody Kane
Put the Kettle on (Mammy) James Brady
Ar Shiuil Leis na Sioga Sylvia Knox
A Good Seat in Heaven Paschal Walsh
Cinn Mhara Dave Woods