Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #2 – 7/12/2017

Tonight’s show will  be available on the RadioPlayer App until 12/12/2017.

…and here’s the playlist:

Let Your Weirdness Carry You Home Malojian
Eyes Of Stone Dreaming Of Jupiter
Protection Massive Attack
I’m Not Sorry The Eskies
The Tug Of The Moon Sarah McQuaid
Autarch Pugwash
Taste For The Cherry Blackbird & Crow
My Before And After Cotton Mather
Baba O’Reilly The Who
All The Dark Horses Trashcan Sinatras
The Maids Of Mitchelstown Tony McManus
Halfpast Mancini
Everyone Knows That You’re Mine Pugwash
Margaret Downe Aidan Knight
Organ On / Tantum Ergo Pierce Turner
Layla Eric Clapton
Seventeen Saville
When Tom Waits Up The Remedy Club
Heartattack And Vine Tom Waits
Lead A Normal Life Peter Gabriel
The Bittersweet March This Is How We Fly