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Ceol Anocht: Show #231 – 14/5/2020

The Music Room Broadcasts

Tonight’s show will  be available on the KCLR App until 19/5/2020

…and here’s the playlist:

The End Chemical Addiction
Travelling Tune Shane Hennessy
I Like The Old Days Tony St. Ledger
The Greatest Love Columbia Mills
Staying Together For The Children (The Candle From The Shadow) Joe Chester
It’s Alive Aaron O’Dea
Swim_Crawl_Walk_Run_Ride_Drive_Fly Cormac O’Caoimh
Rain Dance Shane Hennessy
A South African Photographer Forsees His Death (For Kevin Carter) Laura Mulcahy
4 Walls Monika Klejna
Cocooning Heart Myles O’Reilly
Tabhar Don Do Lámh Steve Cooney