KCLR Wedding Showcase
Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #268 – 11/8/2020

From The Music Room

The Ghost Of Martha Luan Parle
Keepin’ It Simple Uly
Between Your Teeth Ailbhe Reddy
All The Same One Morning In August Ft. Ian Doyle
Over And Under The Man Whom
Cold Blue Light Kynsy
Loose Chahyld, Paye Fox
I Don’t Need To Understand Uly
Roving Journeyman Ye Vagabonds Fr. Cormac Begley
Broken Ones IN-IS Feat. Haula
Sweet Nothings Laura Mulcahy
Death Don’t Have No Mercy Some Rise Some Fall Ft. Ger Wolfe
Momentum Shane Hennessy
Rain Dance Shane Hennessy
KCLR Wedding Showcase