KCLR Wedding Showcase
Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #384 – 19/8/2021

Music Room Sessions

Weather Vane Emperor of Ice Cream
Unravel Embarcadero
The Futurist Place of Burning (feat. Rachel Grace)
Halfway Out HAVVK
The Rocker (John Peel Session) Thin Lizzy
Learn To Live Richie Din Martin
I’m Alive Gavin Murphy
Down Embarcadero
Little Girl In Bloom (John Peel Session) Thin Lizzy
Trouble Mick Flannery and Susan O’Neill
Wild One The Remedy Club
Birdsong (Arvo Party Remix) Emma Langford
Tidal Oscillations Paddy Mulcahy


KCLR Wedding Showcase