Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Studio 2 Session – David Keenan (7/11/2022)

It’s been a joy, almost on an annual basis, to meet with David Keenan and I was delighted that he was my first guest in for a Studio 2 Session this week.

From my first experience of this singular artist in 2016 supporting Hothouse Flowers at Kilkenny TradFest 2016, we’ve met and chatted many times: in the studio, over coffee, in Rollercoaster Records and last time in front a of a very small but appreciative audience on stage at the Watergate Theatre in 2020.

He’s been a prolific as ever, with a fine album in 2021 with a full band and now, a very much stripped down, raw and honest offering called “Crude”. It’s bare bones stuff, and quite brilliant in my opinion. That’s not say that his previous work was without merit (far, far from it), but this recording has the real sense of capturing the moment in its fleeting glory.

We chatted about the making of the album and wandered, as always, hither and yon.



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