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Change in contact tracing rules for schools in Kilkenny and Carlow

From today children under 12 won't have to restrict movements if they are close contact with no symptoms

Primary school and creche-going children are entering a new Covid dimension this week.

From today (Monday) children under 12 no longer have to restrict their movements if they’re close contacts and have no symptoms.

However it seems many working in schools and childcare locally are keen to keep parents informed.

Urlingford childcare worker Mick Kenny, who’s with the Association of Childhood Professionals¬† has been telling KCLR News that it’s the intention of many within their sector:

“If we have a case of head-lice, if we have a case of chicken-pox, we need to inform parents. It doesn’t make sense why the Government¬† keep telling us we don’t need to tell parents about this.”

He says honesty is the best policy “The last thing we want is parents anxious, dropping their child into a service, wondering whether there’s a case of covid or not”

However Principal of Carlow Educate Together Simon Lewis says that works both ways and he has this plea for parents of a child that tests positive for the virus:

“Contact the school to let them know because otherwise we won’t know. No-one is going to tell us. Also to give us permission maybe to tell the school community that there is a case in the school, if they feel comfortable with that. I think if parents can do that, it would make things a bit easier for schools”



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