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Changes to be made to Kilkenny City Bus service after just one month on the road

A month after it started, some changes will have to be made to the Kilkenny City Bus.

Concerns have been raised by users that some turns onto narrow roads are almost too tight to take, while others are calling for more stops to be added.

Senior Engineer with the council, Ian Gardner has told KCLR News they will be looking at changing some of the kerbing on those bends.

However, he says they’re limited in what they can do considering Kilkenny is a medieval city with many narrow streets.

One of the council’s engineers has accompanied a bus driver on both routes and noted where changes can be made.

The local authority has also advised the National Transport Authority where bus stop shelters are needed and Mr Gardner says that is the next part of the project that they will be working on.

While some people have requested that real-time signs be installed at stops, the development of an app is seen as a more cost-effective, and therefore preferable, option.

Mr Gardner says that is also in the works now.