Closing time restrictions returning for bars, restaurants & nightclubs

Government confirms expansion of boosters programme to over 50s

Closing time restrictions are being re-imposed on the hospitality sector from this Thursday.

It’s less than a month since they were lifted.

Cabinet’s understood to have agreed that pubs, restaurants and nightclubs will have to close their doors at midnight

It’s already led to the Restaurants Association of Ireland and the Vintners Federation calling for business supports to be re-introduced due to the loss of trade they’ll suffer.

A new ‘work from home’ order will be issued from Friday ‘where practicable’.

It’s understood that a booster vaccine campaign for over 50s has been agreed and looks like it could be further expanded in future

Local Cardiologist Michael Conway says more people in ICU are now fully vaccinated with 2 jabs.

So he says we just have to accept now that most of us will need a third shot to get the best protection from the virus.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin told the Dáil the full suite of measures will be announced this evening.