Combating the ‘scourge’ of drugs a priority for new Chairperson of Kilkenny Joint Policing Committee Martin Brett

Combating the scourge of drugs is something the new Chair of the Joint Policing Committee’s put top of his agenda.

Councillor Pat Fitzpatrick has stepped down from the position and was praised for his hardwork and dedication to the grouping which is made up of representatives from the council, GardaĆ­ and others.

Councillor Martin Brett succeeds him in the role

He’s outlined to KCLR how he aims to build on initiatives such as the ‘Drugs Ruin Lives’ campaign which drew close to a 100 GAA club personnel to a meeting in the local GAA HQ last week.

Councillor Brett says it’s an issue many have been impacted by:

“No matter what area you go into in this city or county, somebody has been affected somewhere with drugs. There’s an awful lot of people making money on the misery of ordinary people”

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