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Covid hospitalisation figures reach lowest point since January

It's as two patients are being treated for the virus in the local St Luke's Hospital

The number of Covid-19 patients in public hospitals fell to its lowest point in three months last night.

It decreased to 304, while the number in intensive care dropped to 66 – the lowest in ICU since January 3rd.

In the local St Luke’s Hospital, two patients are being treated for the virus, with one of those in critical care.

Latest figures also show there are currently no suspected cases at the general hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny.

Dr Alan Gaffney, the vice-president of the Intensive Care Society, says last night’s drop in ICU numbers is very welcome.

“The number of patients in ICU is directly proportional to the number of cases in the community, and there’s also a lag phase” he explained. “So as we see the number of cases go down over a number of weeks, we’re seeing the result in that drop [on subsequent hospital figures] now”.