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Covid19: Pandemic payment top-ups queried

Citizens Information getting calls about bump to higher rate

Locals who’ve already signed up for the government’s Covid 19 pandemic unemployment payment won’t have to reapply for the higher rate announced this week.

That’s according to Sarah Drea, Development Manager for the Carlow Kilkenny branches of the Citizens’ Information Bureau, which has been receiving many calls about the issue since the Taoiseach on Tuesday announced an increase from €205 to €350.

She said if people have already gotten their first payment at the lower rate, they will not have to do anything else in order to qualify for the higher rate.

However, she says that it was still not clear if you could qualify for the Covid-19 sick-leave payment if you’re not diagnosed with the virus.

The Covid 19 sick-leave payment is worth €350 a week while the ordinary illness benefit is only €203.

It has not been made clear if everyone who’s self-isolating will get the higher amount.