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Creepy Clown Craze Hits Carlow

You’re being warned about the dangers of a new creepy clown craze that’s sweeping the country.

Just yesterday, students and teachers at a school in Dublin were left terrified after a group of people dressed as clowns entered the grounds with what looked like a weapon.

And now reports are surfacing online of similar incidents happening in Carlow and Kilkenny.

The  pranksters are dressing up as clowns and roaming the streets in an effort to frighten people.

Videos have been appearing online in the last few weeks of incidents from countries all over the world.

The phenomenon is known as ‘Creepy Clown’ and seems to have originated in the United States.

Just this week, a school in Blackrock, in Dublin reported that students and teachers were left terrified after a group of these clowns came onto their grounds with what appeared to be a chainsaw.

In Carlow and Kilkenny, sightings of groups of people going around frightening people are also being reported on social media.

In one instance in Carlow a woman says she was driving through the Willow Park area on Sunday with a child in her car when two people in clown costumes jumped in front of her with baseball bats in their hands.

No-one was injured but the post says everyone in the car – especially the child – were left very shaken by the incident.

You’re being encouraged to report any such incidents to your local Garda station.