Firearms dealer from Carlow pleads guilty to bringing submachinegun parts through Dublin Airport

He will be sentenced later this month at the Circuit Criminal Court

A firearms dealer from Carlow, who was caught carrying an “essential component” for a submachine gun in his luggage at Dublin Airport, has been sent forward sentencing to the Circuit Court.

Damien Graham, 53, of Ballynagall, Ballickmoyler had returned from a weapons show in the United States.

He appeared at Dublin District Court, having been charged earlier with Firearms Act offences.

Mr. Graham’s case was due to resume in July but was brought forward to allow him to enter a signed guilty plea to two charges for possessing a conversion kit for an AR15 assault rifle, including a bolt and chamber, at Terminal 2 on November 28, 2021.

He also admitted to unlawfully having a bolt from a Sterling submachine gun at the same date and location.

The court heard customs officers had searched Mr. Graham’s check in luggage and found suspected firearms parts, which were sent for testing.

A Garda said the accused was a registered firearms dealer allowing him certain semi-automatic or handguns, however, not machine guns.

Mr Kenny said his client was offering a guilty plea and added that it was an oversight; he had also met Gardai by appointment and answered all questions.

The Garda accepted the guilty plea was of assistance.

The offences can carry a €5,000 fine or up to twelve months imprisonment at the district court level but more severe penalties in a higher court.

The Judge noted his guilty plea but refused jurisdiction for the case to remain in the District Court.

She then granted an order sending Mr. Graham forward for sentencing at the Circuit Criminal Court, where they case will be listed on June 30th.