Carlow-Kilkenny under Level 2 Covid-19 restrictions for 3 more weeks in new Govt roadmap

The plan has been published with entire country under level two restrictions, but Dublin has extra measures

Carlow and Kilkenny will be in level two of the government’s new roadmap for living alongside COVID until the 4th of October.

The plan has been published this afternoon (Tuesday) with entire country under level two restrictions, though Dublin has some extra layers.

Restrictions for Dublin do not equate to either level two or three but are a sort of level two plus – with pubs not being allowed to re-open next week, people only allowed to have 6 people from one household in their homes and spectator sport being restricted.

Spectator sport is also to return for the rest of the country with a maximum of 200 people at stadiums that can accommodate at least 5,000 people. But in Dublin this will be limited to 100 people.

There’s work ongoing about allowing more people into larger stadiums like Croke Park and the Aviva.

The five levels in the plan set out what’s allowed in almost every sector of life over the next six months with one the loosest and five the tightest.

For example for weddings can have 100 people in attendance under level one but just six people at levels four and five.

Bars, restaurants and pubs can stay open with restrictions until level three, but move to takeaway only in level four and five.

Schools, colleges and creches will stay open in all five stages of the plan.