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Deadline to get on the register to vote in Carlow-Kilkenny is January 22nd

The R-F-A-2 form is the only document you need to worry about for changes to the register for the general election.

If you’ve moved house recently you’ll need to fill that out, get it signed at a Garda Station, and send it into your local Council office before the 22nd of January.

If you already filled out the form for the last Local and European Elections that will also be taken into acount despite some reports to the contrary.

Catherine Cooney from Kilkenny County Council has told KCLR you can ring your local authority directly if you’ve any queries but make sure you give yourself time if you’re submitting the R-F-A-2 form.

The relevant phone number in Kilkenny is 056 7794070 – the number for Carlow people is 059 9170300.