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Democrats performance in midterm elections is giving Republicans an interesting choice to make

We've been hearing the latest from Carlow College Vice President Eric Derr

Joe Biden’s welcomed results in the US midterm elections – after his Democrat party did better than expected.

Results are still being counted – but the so-called ‘red wave’ of Republicans taking overwhelming control of Congress has failed to happen.

Mr Biden also revealed he’ll decide early next year whether he’ll run for the White House again, while his predecessor Donald Trump will make an announcement next week but it remains to be seen if his hopes have been damaged by the worse-than-expected performance.

Carlow College Vice President Eric Derr’s been telling KCLR that it’s giving the Republicans an interesting choice.

“Donald Trump, you know he might be announcing Tuesday that he’s running for president but some say he’s not running and that could be a very interesting primary,” said Eric

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