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Disappointment in Thomastown after vandals strike recreational area in the county Kilkenny town

It happened over the weekend

The Chairman of Thomastown Community Centre says it’s disappointing they have to go to the extremes of installing cameras.

It follows vandalism at the recreational area there on Saturday night.

Seamus Quigley’s been telling KCLR “I suppose the vandals struck there Saturday night sometime between 9 maybe 10pm and 7am, now the lights go out there at the back of the hall at around 10pm so it would have been total darkness out there so whoever done would possibly have had to use lights on their mobiles or something but it was really unacceptable what was done out there when people are trying their best to create facilities for people in the community to come in and use free of charge”.

He adds that they’re looking now at installing cameras for the area, but admits that won’t be cheap; “It’ll probably cost in the region of €1,500 anyway and then there’s some signage to go up as well so hopefully it’ll be a lesson to all to just come in and enjoy it and leave as you found it and we’ll be urging people to take home their litter as well, to leave no trace because the amount of litter that we pick there every morning like chip bags and curry things, it’s unacceptable to just throw your rubbish on the ground and walk away and expect somebody else to come in and pick it up the next morning”.