It’s Not Raining Blood

After two years job hunting, Julie has finally obtained a paid internship in the famous labs of Muc – an- cnoc. The town is famous for its mostly science-based university and its breakthroughs in neuro-cellular research. The university also contains an arts department that no one can really account for, or seems to run, but since no one’s in charge and some students (mostly retirees and lost souls), keep showing up it can’t be shut down.
Despite its scientific grounding, Muc-an-cnoc is a town host to many strange incidents like people claiming to have swapped personalities…. a strange fog appearing and causing everyone to say exactly what’s on their minds… and more

Upon arriving in Muc-an-cnoc Julie meets Fern, a friendly arts student who has spend the last few years in the town finishing her PhD, the subject of which is constantly morphing. They become flat mates and the two form a relationship that could be defined as a friendship, but which becomes more of a lifeline of sanity for each other as the strange goings on of the town begin to unfold.