L & F.I – Lost & Found Investigates

A turtle walks into a garda station in Carlow where does he come from?, who owns him? – Lost & Found Investigates. A suitcase falls off a bus, who is the owner? L & F.I, standing for Lost & Found Investigates, is a series of 12 programmes that feature the personal stories behind the items that made it to KCLR’s well-loved Locator List. The Locator List is a facility for KCLR’s listeners who have lost or found an item or an animal.  It  is often successful in their re-unification! Through L & F.I we will get to know the finders and owners and their relationship to the lost item, we hear how they felt when faced with living without their item or animal and the ultimate re-unification or acceptance of the loss

Produced by Monica Hayes and Presented by Aisling Kelly and made with the support of the BAI with the television license fee