Peak Experiences

‘Peak Experiences’ is a series of 25 programmes that tell stories related to the Blackstairs Mountains

  • Picking Fraughans

    Picking fraughans was a big business back in the day and there was plenty to be found on the Blackstairs Mountain as Michael Conry, a Carlow author recounts in this programme

  • Stories – Eliza Gilbert and The Duke of Leinster

    We hear of the escapades of Eliza Gilbert who was married for a brief period of time to Captain James of Ballycrystal, which is in the foothills of Mount Leinster and we hear the delightful folk tale of The Duke of Leinster, a man of small means who li …

  • The Impact of 1798

    The Blackstairs Mountains bore witness to the activities in 1798 following the Battle on Vinegar Hill and some of these incidents are recalled in this programme

  • The Nine Stones & the Cailin Slipes

    What is the story behind the Nine Stones close to Mount Leinster and the trail up the side of the mountain known as the Cailin Slipes? We find out in this programme of Peak Experiences

  • The Commonage

    The Commonage is a shared space on the tops of the hills that form the Blackstairs Mountain Range and we hear about this arrangement and the cooperation between farmers in this area

  • The Bombing of Shannon’s House

    Tragic incidents have occurred on the Blackstairs Mountains; there have been a few air crashes and then there was the bombing of Shannon’s House by a German bomber during World War 2

  • Social Changes on the Blackstairs

    Meeting Sunday was a big festival on the mountain back in the day and people used to make a living out of lamping rabbits at one stage. All these activities no longer happen now

  • The Many Saints Associated With Mount Leinster

    Fr Alfie Murphy, a retired priest living in Carbury Co Kildare and born and bred in Myshall Co Carlow, gives us a fascinating insight into the years of research he has done into the genealogy of the saints who he believes had some sort of connection wi …

  • Archaeological Traces On The Blackstairs Mountains

    Like all mountains, the Blackstairs by virtue of it’s height and exposure, is not the most hospitable place to live on top of. Because of this, activity on it over the past thousands of years has been left relatively well preserved. Archaeologists like …

  • The Raheenleigh Water Treatment Plant

    In this program in the series we focus on the building of the waterworks at Raheenleigh. There are many rivers that have their origins in the Blackstairs and one of the rivers, the River Burren, has been harnessed to supply drinking water to communitie …

  • Farming Memories

    The Blackstairs Mountains have been farmed all down through the years and in this programme, which forms part of the Peak Experience series, farmers recall memories of times past when farming in the mountain KCLR96FM ยท Stories from the Blackstairs – Fa …

  • The Name Blackstairs

    In this programme in the series we explore how and when mountains were formed, their composition and where the name Blackstairs comes from first with Michael Conroy former soil scientist with Teagasc Pak Park and author of the book ‘Carlow Granite, Yea …

  • Rock Art, Stones and Highway Men

    In this programme we begin by focusing on unusual stones found around the mountain and end up talking about highwaymen. Dr Seimi O’Mhurcu, who did his Phd on the archaeology of the Blackstairs Mountain begins the piece talking about the prevalence of R …