Programme 3 – The Sugar Campaign

Oh Sugar, Sugar – Programme 3: The Sugar Campaign

From September right through to Christmas and maybe into the New Year the beet campaign was underway.  The beet was delivered into the factory under a c arefully planned timetable and then processed into sugar.  Whatever happened ‘the factory had to stay going’.  If there was a breakdown it could cause queues of lorries right down to the Seven Oaks.  On a daily basis 600 loads of beet were delivered over a 10 hour period.  During the process by products like pulp were sold onto the farmers and the company had its own boiler house to generate energy.  In the 3rd programme in the documentary series ‘Oh Sugar Sugar’, the processes involved in the orchestration and refinement of the sugar campaign are recalled after the 10am news tomorrow.  Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television license fee and sponsored by the Sugar Factory Display at Carlow County Museum and the local studies section at Carlow’s Central Library

Photo credit PL Curran


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