Programme 4 – The Beet Growers

Oh Sugar, Sugar – Programme 4: The Beet Growers

There was a very close relationship between the sugar factory and the beet farmer, they both needed each other for their existence.  Over the years the sugar factory developed seed and technology to transform the beet growing from a very laborious job to a more sophisticated and efficient process for the farmer.  The days of being down on the knees thinning beet went with the development of the monogerm seed and machinery was enhanced with the evolution of the Armer Salmon division at the factory.  The beet was important for the tillage farmer in that it was a vital part of his rotation and gave nutrients back to the soil.  When the beet stopped being grown this was sorely missed by the farmer.  In the 4th programme in the series ‘Oh Sugar Sugar’, we meet some of the farmers who grew beet and some of the sugar company employees whose job it was to liaise with the farmer.  On air tomorrow after the 10am news on KCLR.  Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television license fee and sponsored by the Sugar Factory Display at Carlow County Museum and the local studies section at Carlow’s Central Library

Photo Programme 4 credit PL Curran




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