Three Miles Over, Three Miles Down: Part 4 – Strikes, Strife and the Fight for Compensation

‘Three Miles Over and Three Miles Down’ tells the rich history and heritage of the Castlecomer Mines in County Kilkenny, Ireland. In this series we will hear the history of mines and mining in the Castlecomer area of Kilkenny from prehistory to 1969, when the mines closed, ending centuries of iron and coal mining in the area and the surrounding Leinster coalfield.

In this programme we look at the history of industrial relations in the mines during the 20th century, about some of the strikes that took place and the role of Nicholas ‘Nixie’ Boran, the principal union organizer. We hear about the clashes in the 1930’s between the miners and the Catholic Church. We hear about the accidents and industrial diseases that the miners suffered, especially pneumoconiosis and we hear about the miners campaign for compensation.

Contributors include: Máire Downey, Anne Boran, Mick Brennan-Roe, Mai Dormer, Teresa Brennan, Séamus Walsh, Theresa Farrell, Geoffrey Prior-Wandesforde, Nellie Holden, Peter Kealy, Maurice Shortall, Michael Conway.