The Historyman Carlow

A series of 51 stories written by Donal Cadogan about historical events and people from Carlow. Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television License Fee

  • Sequah the Painless Dentist

    Hear the story of a colourful character, Sequah, who in 1890 came to Carlow to pull teeth and treat other ailments KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – Sequah the Painless Dentist

  • How Dick Wolseley Went Up in The World

    Today we have the tale of the reluctant baronet, Dick Wolseley, and how he went up in the world. KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow- Dick Wolseley

  • Denis Count O’Kelly and Eclipse the Racehorse

    We hear about the life of Denis Count O’Kelly from Tullow who overcame the odds to become a very successful racehorse owner. This piece is written and narrated by Donal Cadogan, aka the Historyman….. who tends to pop up in all sorts of places and who …

  • Corona North the Flower of Altamont

    It’s February and the snowdrops are up and for those who live to close by, it must be lovely to see them in all their glory in Altamont Gardens, the former home of Corona North. Corona is the topic of today’s Historyman series written and narrated by D …

  • Fr Braughwell – Carlow’s Pilgrim Priest

    Hear the tale of Fr Braughwell a priest from Carlow who embarked on a long pilgrimage in the 1820s. KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – Fr Braughwell Carlow's Pilgrim Priest

  • Pat Reid Professor of Escape

    The story of Pat Reid – a man with Carlow origins, who was a prisoner in Leipzig Castle and manged to escape from it. KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – Pat Reid Professor of Escape

  • Anna Mae Hays – American’s First Woman Army General

    Anna Mae Hays’ father, Dan McCabe came from Ballymurphy before the family went on to settle in Pennsylvania. Anna Mae became America’s first woman Army General KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow -America's First Woman Army General

  • Arthur Wallace & The Wages of Greed

    The story of Arthur Wallace who paid a very high price for fraud KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – Arthur Wallace & the Wages of Greed

  • Richard Hill – Jealousy, Murder and Redemption

    The story of Richard Hill, a man involved in violence, who ultimately sought and got redemption KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – Richard Hill

  • The Desperate Five Go Potato Picking

    The sad tale of five women who found themselves and their families so hungry during the famine that they stole a few potatoes to sustain themselves. They paid a high price for their ‘crime’ KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – The Desparate Five Potato P …

  • Carlow Castle – 800 years old and still standing

    A brief history of Carlow Castle, a building which has borne witness to years of change KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – Carlow Castle – Still Standing

  • The Tragic Life of Lucinda Sly

    On this day 186 years ago Lucinda Sly was hanged in Carlow. The Historyman, Donal Cadogan has been researching this well-known Carlow story and brings it to you today on the anniversary of her death KCLR96FM · The Historyman Carlow – The Tragic Life of …

  • Elisabeth Ashbridge and Her Search for Happiness

    The Historyman brings us the tale of Elisabeth Ashbridge and her search for happiness KCLR96FM · The Historyman – Elisabeth Ashbridge

  • Joe Byrne – One of Ned Kelly’s Gang

    The Historyman – Donal Cadogan – has written and narrated the Historyman Carlow series. Today we bring you the story of Joe Byrne who was a part of Ned Kelly’s gang Down Under KCLR96FM · The Historyman – Joe Byrne – a member of Ned Kelly's Gang

  • Sr Aloysius

    The story of Sr Aloysius, a nun from the Mercy Convent in Carlow, who went to the Crimean War in 1854 to nurse soldiers wounded on the battle fields KCLR96FM · The Historyman – Sr Aloysius in the Crimean War

  • Boyle Roche – the Father of the Irish Bull

    Boyle Roche who at one time served as a MP for Old Leighlin and who later became known as the Father of the Irish Bull KCLR96FM · The History Man – Boyle Roche – Father of the Irish Bull

  • Judge Mary O’Toole

    Judge Mary O’Toole originally came from Hackettstown and she went on to become the first woman to hold the role of the position of Municipal Judge in the District of Columbia, Washington KCLR96FM · The Historyman – Judge Mary O'Toole

  • Manie Payne – Blessed Quietness

    Manie Payne was a pious lady, originally from Carlow, who wrote a well-known hymn called Blessed Quietness KCLR96FM · The Historyman – Manie Payne – Carlow Hymn Writer

  • Pierce Butler – Signatory of the American Constitution

    Pierce Butler was born in Ballintemple and one of the signatories of the Constitution of the United States KCLR96FM · The Historyman – Pierce Butler – Signatory of the American Constitution

  • The Battle of Carlow

    25th May is the anniversary of the Battle of Carlow and it’s the subject of today’s Historyman story KCLR96FM · The Historyman – Battle Of Carlow