Trees: From Seed to Sawdust – Episode 2 – A Visit to an Apple Orchard

Rod and Julie Calder Potts grow apple trees at Highbank Orchard just off the Callan Road Kilkenny.

Rod inherited the orchard from his parents and in 1986 he decided that he would stop spraying his trees and go completely organic. The transition to organic was terrible though. All his trees died. So, he started from scratch again and though it took a while to get going he now has a wonderful crop of organically grown apples that grow on healthy trees. The secret? Good soil microbes and plenty of prayers.

The Calder Potts run a lucrative business by adding value to their apples and making, cider vinegar, apple syrup, cider, treacle etc. They are an example of a local business growing trees in a sustainable way and with a low carbon footprint