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Donald & Melania Trump test positive for Covid-19 while in Ireland visits to homes will be restricted to six people from two households

Another 442 cases of the virus were confirmed across the country last evening

US President Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid-19.

He and his wife, the First Lady are now self-isolating.

White House advisor Hope Hicks had recently tested positive, which prompted fears over the US President, as she had travelled with Donald Trump a number of times.

In a tweet, he said both he and Melania Trump have tested positive and will start their quarantine immediately.

The White House doctor has said in a letter that the US President’s medical team will remain on a vigilant watch.

Dr Sean Conley believes that Donald Trump will be able to continue with his work without disruption.

Speaking to Fox News before he found out, Donald Trump said that they had been working closely together noting “She did test positive, I just heard about this, she tested positive, she’s a hard worker, a lot of masks, she wears masks a lot, but she tested positive, and I just went out with a test and I’ll see because we spend a lot of time and the First Lady also went out with a test also so whether we quarantine or whether we have it I don’t know”.

Back in Ireland visits to homes will be restricted to six people from two households nationally to stop the spread of Covid19.

The National Public Health Emergency team has made the recommendation which has been accepted by Government, as well as keeping each county on its current Level in the restrictions.

It comes after four more people with the virus lost their lives while 442 tested positive. Carlow’s had 286 positive tests to date with 459 in Kilkenny.

Dr Nuala O’Connor, lead advisor on Covid-19 at the Irish College of GPs, says we can expect far more pressure on our hospitals in the weeks ahead noting “One of the things that I think has been giving people a little bit of false reassurance is the fact that to date we haven’t had the same number of deaths but the number of deaths are rising, there’s always a lag between the number of cases followed by the hospitalisations followed by deaths and we just need to be careful not to be lulled into a false sense of security”.

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