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ESB need to stop “frustrating” power outages in Carlow, says Cllr Pender

5,000 homes across North Carlow were without electricity last night- less than a fortnight after a similar outage forced a local school to close

Power outages in Carlow are becoming “increasingly frustrating” for residents there.

That’s according to local councillor John Pender, after 5,000 homes were affected by an ESB cut last night.

The fault saw electricity go out in Tullow, Hacketstown and surrounding areas for almost three hours.

Cllr Pender says he can’t understand why the issue is so frequent, or widespread;

“It was over as far as Hacketstown- the whole North Carlow area” he told KCLR of last night’s outage. “It seems that ESB have zones, and here again I fail to understand how, if there’s a problem in a smaller area, why it’s not contained to that area. It seems to affect a large geographical spread of customers. It’s becoming increasingly frustrating and it’s something that’s going to have to be resolved.”

It comes less than a fortnight after another huge power outage in the area which left many elderly residents without heating.

The previous incident had also forced Tullow Community School to close early.

Fianna Fáil’s Cllr Pender says ESB need to explain what’s happening;

“I think the ESB owe an explanation to their consumers as to what is actually going wrong here, because for too long now people in Co Carlow have been suffering cut-offs from ESB on an ongoing basis. They’ll just have to come clean and tell us what’s gone wrong. We know storms and all sometimes blow down wires, but this is happening too often, and there are so many people inconvenienced by this.”