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Farming group warns cost of food will rise under ambitious Climate Action Plan

The governments Climate action Plan will mean the price of food will rise.

That’s the warning from the President of the ICMSA following the publication yesterday of the sectoral targets up to 2030.

The Agriculture Minister says it’s the most ambitious Climate Action Plan ever produced and it places farmers at the very centre.

He says the emission reduction targets for agriculture will help make Irish farms more carbon efficient and build a more resilient agri-food sector.

But Pat McCormack has told the KCLR farm show that the measures indicated will mean it costs farmers more to produce food and therefore cost us the consumer more as a result:

“We’re entering into a changing period, we’re entering into a challenging period but the one thing that isn’t being said out there is that we’re entering into a period where food prices will have to increase and we’ll have to see food inflation. And that’s going to affect every household, whether they’re agriculture or non-agriculture, in the years ahead”.